Oven/Range Repair

Handy Tip #1: Maintaining the Beauty of Your Glass Cooktop

Best to read this before the spill, but…close attention to avoid spills and boil overs is step one in maintaining the beauty of your gorgeous glass cooktop. Spilled starches that then get heated tend to leave lasting reminders to keep the burner on the right setting. However, the evidence of many of those spills can be removed by a good, sharp razor blade. Just take extra care to use a blade holding tool, and always push away from yourself when using it. Also be sure to store all sharp tools out of reach of children.

Handy Tip #2: Oven AutoClean Feature

Avoiding those harsh oven cleaners flashes through the mind when we hear the salesman emphasize the “Oven AutoClean” feature in the store, as we sign on the dotted line. However, experience in the trenches says that feature is better left alone. We’ve seen brand new, upscale oven liners cracked from a first use of the feature. Also, the latch feature loves to refuse to release at cycle end. Best roll up the sleeves, bring out the rubber gloves, and bring out the oven cleaner! Take care to follow product manufacturer’s warnings and directions when using any caustic cleaning agents!

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